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The Problem with Disjointed SaaS Tools

Disjointed SaaS platforms can cause a lot of harm to your business. Alpha|stack can help.


Businesses are always using different software tools to run their business processes. Many of these software tools make doing business more efficient and help get the best out of their employees. Most businesses utilize a variety of tools and platforms depending on the department. Sales teams typically use a CRM tool, billing teams typically use a billing software or rely on spreadsheets alone, and operations typically have their own platform, and on and on it goes.

While these platforms are great and make departments run smoother within an organization, these platforms rarely share data with each other because they’re different companies. Even if these companies offer the ability to cross connect, the process is usually clunky at best, and will cost an arm and a leg to get integrated. This lack of seamless integration leaves many organizations struggling to share data accurately across departments. This data sharing problem requires team members to communicate accurately via phone or email which can be subject to human error or interdepartmental disagreements that cause your team to have different understandings of the facts in your organization’s position.

Why is Accurate Data Sharing Important?

When data is shared accurately across departments, your team is better connected, and team members stay on the same page. With accurate communication your organization can focus on the same set of facts working on solving problems instead of spending their time fighting about whose set of facts is true. When you eliminate as much uncertainty as possible about the company’s position you save valuable time and money by streamlining unnecessary conversations.

When you don’t effectively share data within your organization data silos begin to form. A data silo is a set of fixed data that remains under the control of one department and is isolated from the rest of the organization. Businesses are frequently fighting a losing battle against dreaded data silos within their organizations causing problems in crucial business functions. When there are data silos mistakes can happen resulting in lost business or costly errors that could have been avoided had a team member had access to data from another department.

Organizations frequently want to ensure they show a unified front for their customers. This creates a good experience for customers and keeps business operations running smoothly. When everyone is working with different sets of data a customer could get different answers from different departments about how to solve their complaint. This is often due to a lack of communication and proper data sharing. When no one is communicating and sharing data effectively you don’t show a unified customer facing front which is crucial for customer satisfaction.

How Alpha|Stack Helps Your Business Avoid Data Silos

Alpha|Stack is a consolidated business management platform that can help you avoid dreaded data silos. With an intuitive CRM, billing modules, and operations tools, Alpha|Stack combines business processes into one seamless platform. This saves money because you’re only paying for one platform, and it saves you from data silos.

Alpha|Stack is set up to share data automatically between departments effectively eliminating data silos. This way your departments are working with the same set of data cross communicating automatically, avoiding human error.


About Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules. Saving your business time and money.

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