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Case Study: One Ring Networks


One Ring Networks is a large Tier 2 carrier providing various data and voice services to Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland and Texas. Due to the varied nature of the telecom industry, One Ring Networks found it nearly impossible to find a project management platform that would encompass all of the intricacies of their business processes.

Instead of paying for many different platform providers that are largely disjointed and don’t integrate with each other, they wanted a software solution that could integrate every part of a telecom company into one flexible platform solution. This would allow their processes, and interdepartmental communication to improve to better serve their customers. For this they turned to Alpha|Stack, a business management platform optimized to satisfy the needs of the telecom industry.

One Ring Networks uses Alpha|Stack to integrate processes into one software solution gaining improved efficiency, and saving money by integrating finance, operations, and sales into an all in one customizable platform. With Alpha|Stack One Ring Networks saves time by getting rid of separate disjointed platforms that don’t talk to each other. This results in improved communication between departments by sharing information through one integrated platform.


  • One Ring Networks needed a business management platform that can encompass the needs of the telecom industry
  • Previously using disjointed platforms not optimized for telecom


  • Alpha|Stack business management platform


  • Automated data sharing between departments
  • Optimized Sales funnel
  • Improved Operations functions
  • Centralized HR and Billing processes


By utilizing Alpha|Stack, One Ring Networks is able to take the sales process to the next level with an intuitive and easy to use CRM tool. The CRM functionality Alpha|Stack has allowed the One Ring sales team to create and track opportunities as they work them down the sales funnel. With integrated information from the operations team this allows the sales team to have a wholistic view of their sales pipeline all in one tool.

Along with the CRM functionality, Alpha|Stack tracks each deal by agent and salesperson. This allows senior management to keep track of the sales team’s numbers all in one place. This can help management identify top performers allowing for more insight into where One Ring’s sales team is succeeding and where improvements can be made. "Compared to our past CRM platforms Alpha|Stack gives me more insight and helps me get all of the information I need to manage my sales team effectively and efficiently," said Kris Maher One Ring Networks VP of Sales. "Alpha|Stack offers us more functionality with lower integration costs saving us time and money."

-- Kris Maher, VP of Sales - One Ring Networks

One Ring’s previous experience with CRM platforms was one of expensive platforms that required an even more expensive integration. They had to work with outside companies to integrate their sales data into the platform. This took a lot of time, was expensive, and even after all that time and money spent, they could never customize it to fit their specific needs as a telecom company. The Alpha|Stack team handled all of the integration in-house cutting out the middleman, saving One Ring a lot of time and money.

Fixed Wireless offers unique challenges in the world of telecom. Due to the line of sight requirements of fixed wireless a crucial part of the sales process is an accurate site survey. Without an accurate site survey deals can fall through causing trust between a provider and their partners and prospective customers to be broken. When this trust is broken it becomes increasingly hard to win it back making accurate site surveys a must for a wireless internet service provider (WISP). With the site survey tool, Alpha|Stack allows the One Ring sales team to take the first step in getting accurate information to keep them from making promises that their services can’t back up.

-- Kris Maher, VP of Sales - One Ring Networks


By using Alpha|Stack, One Ring is now able to consolidate all operations taking customers through sales, provisioning, and billing all on one platform. With Alpha|Stack’s data sharing though modules One Ring is able to sustain full lifecycle management with their customers streamlining company workflow. "Alpha|Stack has allowed us to combine multiple systems into one single pane of glass for operations." said Sotheara Leang One Ring Networks VP of Operations. "This enables us to take a customer from signing and provisioning, all the way though install and billing within one platform."

-- Sotheara Leang, VP Operations - One Ring Networks

Alpha|Stack allows for a seamless purchase order process for employees and managers. One Ring operations executives can manage purchase requests from all departments of their business in one place. From promotional materials, to fixed wireless equipment, and office supplies One Ring operations executives track all company purchases all in Alpha|Stack.

One Ring also takes advantage of the inventory management system that Alpha|Stack offers. This allows One Ring operations managers to track all of the equipment that is out in the field in use and what is held in reserve ready for use. This gives the operations team a good idea of what needs to be ordered, and what equipment that they have in reserve. "Alpha|Stack drives our daily workflow and has made it simple to keep all my different teams working together," said Leang.

In addition to the purchase order and inventory management, One Ring also uses the Network Monitoring System to manage their equipment out in the field. By utilizing Alpha|Stack’s Network Monitoring System Tool One Ring can monitor their network so fast that they can fix problems as they arise, often before their customers even notice there was a problem. As a telecom company this is absolutely crucial in ensuring their end customers are connected and satisfied.


One Ring also utilizes the billing functionality within Alpha|Stack to proactively keep track of their accounting. With tools for invoice tracking, transaction history, customer statements and aging reports Alpha|Stack helps to keep One Ring’s accounting team organized and integrated with the other departments. "Alpha|Stack helps our accounting team to keep track of invoices and customer statements seamlessly in one platform" said Kelli Bedel Finance Manager for One Ring Networks.

-- Kelli Bedel, Finance Manager - One Ring Networks

One of the biggest struggles One Ring had with previous billing software was an inability to accurately bill voice telecom services. "With the changing taxes and rate codes for voice services, billing was a nightmare on our previous platform, Alpha|Stack’s billing module simplified it for us" said Bedel.

Alpha|Stack helps One Ring’s HR department by keeping track of PTO and time off requests. One Ring employees are able to track their PTO hours and can request time off all through the Alpha|Stack platform. When time off is approved these are marked in the calendar for the operations team allowing for management to plan work schedules around employee’s time off without mistakes.

-- Rhea Topolski, Director of Human Resources - One Ring Networks

In addition to these features they can also track hourly employee’s hours with a clock in and out feature. This keeps all data pertaining to employee’s hours in one easy to access location. "By using Alpha|Stack our HR team can keep track of our employee’s time off and hours easily in one platform making my life much easier," said Rhea Topolski Director of Human Resources for One Ring Networks.


Before Alpha|Stack, One Ring Networks was using many different platforms to manage their business. These platforms were disjointed and expensive causing high monthly operating costs. One Ring Networks has saved a significant amount of money on a monthly basis by consolidating business management into one subscription.

By using Alpha|Stack One Ring Networks connects its whole business within one business management platform. By doing this, One Ring Networks has full internal and external lifecycle management of their business. This allows them to track their customers, employees, and resources all within one platform that shares data across modules. This facilitates greater connection between departments with seamless integration of valuable information and business processes between departments saving their business time and money.


About Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform optimized to suit the specific needs of a WISP. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules. Saving your business time and money.

About One Ring Networks

One Ring Networks is an industry-leading provider of voice and data services across Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland and Texas. We offer hosted PBX, fixed wireless, fiber and unified communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. To find out more about our customizable options please contact 1-855-ONE-RING or email our team at sales@oneringnetworks.com