Frequently Asked Questions


We have an excellent blog post about that very question! If you don't mind a 2 minute read, check it out: Introducing Alpha|Stack

Navigate to your tenant login page using the base domain you registered with, such as

Click on the Reset Password link as shown in the below image.

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Records can be added to Alpha|Stack using the Import / Export feature built directly into the application. Multiple file types are supported such as CSV or Tabbed Delimited. The Import feature will allow you to map fields from your source file to matching fields within Alpha|Stack. You will also be able to make edits to any records that may have been rejected so that you can get everything imported. We also offer professional services to help you get everything in place if you would like to hand that task off to someone else!

There are no usage limits to the number of records that can be added to the following Alpha|Stack. You can upload as many files as you would like to the following objects:

  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Work Orders
  • Documents

NMS is billed per 10,000 interfaces monitored.

Pricing and Options

Alpha|Stack offers several flexible pricing plans. Some of our customers use the full suite of Customer Relationship Management and Network Monitoring features, getting the most that Alpha|Stack has to offer.

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Invoices are either mailed or sent electronically. Contact the Alpha|Stack billing rep at 1 866.733.6104 to change your billing preferences or add a billing contact email in the customer portal.