Billing & Invoicing

Alpha|Stack Billing & Invoicing Modules

The billing tools in Alpha|Stack gather shared data from the sales and operations modules to keep your whole team on the same page. Say goodbye to billing software that doesn't integrate data between your CRM and operations teams. You no longer need to have separate software solutions for different departments in your organization.

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By drawing relevant data from operations and sales modules, Alpha|Stack integrates your invoicing and billing team into business processes automatically. No more jumbled spreadsheets that are easily subject to human error. No more disjointed platforms causing business silos by not drawing important data from sales and operations. Alpha|Stack allows you to invoice all of your customers from inside our platform automatically, or you can opt for the flexibility of manual invoicing depending on your business preferences.

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Step up your invoicing game

Billing and Invoicing Modules


Alpha|Stack allows you to invoice all your customers from inside our platform automatically or manually

Aging Reports

Aging reports give your accounting team per customer transaction tracking for every deal you're conducting

Flexible Tax Options

In Alpha|Stack we give your company the flexibility to adjust your tax settings based on the customer location

Flexible Billing, Aging Reports & Call Dial Record

Alpha|Stack offers organizations a platform that allows for flexible billing. Whether you need a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing cycle Alpha|Stack offers your business a flexible and customizable system for billing your customers.

Once your initial contracts are signed and invoices go out you can monitor your customer relationships with Alpha|Stack's aging reports module. Within this module you can set up customizable late notices and reminders to send to your customers as their bill comes due.

Alpha|Stack empowers you to handle voice operations and CDR billing 100% in-house. There's no need to let a third-party process and prepare your CDRs for your billing. Our CDR Seamlessly integrates into Alpha|Stack's invoicing allowing you to establish Dial Plans for customers allowing for individualized pricing and CDR identification.