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Alpha|Stack Business Operations Modules

Alpha|Stack's operation module includes tools to manage employee purchase orders, company inventory, and employee workflow. Whether you have a large amount of inventory in the warehouse our out in the field, or need to manage employee workflow, Alpha|Stack gives your operations team what they need to keep your business organized and running smoothly.

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Inventory Management

Alpha|Stack’s Operations module features a comprehensive inventory management tool. This tool allows operations managers to keep track on existing inventory out in the field and inventory currently available for use. This organization of assets is especially helpful in resource planning for your organization. With the ability to customize based on a business’ industry the Alpha|Stack inventory management tool has what it takes to help you manage your inventory easily.

Workflow Management

The Alpha|Stack work management tools aim to provide a framework for operations managers to organize your team’s workflow. Alpha|Stack provides a work order module that can draw from the sales tools keeping work orders organized in one place. The workflow management features also give a work queue where work orders can be organized keeping team members on the same page.

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Operations Modules

Inventory Equipment

Manage your inventory whether it’s in your warehouse or active out in the field. Alpha|Stack gives you a holistic view of your business' operational capacity


Schedule your employees and installs all within the same tool to ensure you have the right employees for the right job at the right time


Alpha|Stack allows you to provision directly from your warehouses by creating a digital warehouse to give you a view of what equipment you have and where

Purchase Requests

Keeping track of purchase requests is important for all operations teams. With Alpha|Stack’s comprehensive purchase request tool employees can make requests for equipment, marketing materials, travel, contract work, and make other customizable requests based on your organization’s needs. These requests can be connected to an office location, or customer site locations allowing for your operations and billing team to be organized.