Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Alpha|Stack Customer Portal

Alpha|Stack offers you the ability to give your customers a self service customer portal to suit their business needs. The Alpha|Stack customer portal is a one stop location for your individual customers to get information on their usage, pay their bill and more

Automated Payments

When you use Alpha|Stack your customers can pay their bills, and even set up auto-pay. This will simplify the lives of both you and your customers. They can also access past bills, and even set up paperless email statements.

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Usage Monitoring

On the Alpha|Stack portal telecom companies can include usage reports for individual customers. This will allow you complete transparency with your customers so there is no room for doubt when it comes to their usage of the internet circuit.

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Give Your Customers a holistic view of their account

Customer Portal Functionalities

Usage Monitoring

Your customers can go into their personalized customer portal and see their usage without needing to reach out to your team

Email Statements

The Alpha|Stack Customer Portal allows for your customers to request email statements to go paperless

Credit Card Processing

Our customer portal allows your customers to pay their bills via credit card, or allows them the flexibility to pay via check in the mail

Service Requests

Within the portal your customers will be able to submit service requests easily. Whether it be wanting to change the type of service, their credit card, or the location of service you can do all of this and more in the customer portal.