Human Resources

Alpha|Stack's Human Resources Capabilities

Alpha|Stack features human resources tools that can help your team keep track of staffing and employees all within the same tool. Whether its tracking paid vacation, employee time off requests or time clocking our human resources tool has you covered.

Time Clock Software

Alpha|Stack features a clock in and out feature within individual employee's profiles. This is especially useful for businesses that have hourly employees. You can say goodbye to the old clock in machine on your wall, and use this software that connects digitally to your HR team. This also will cut out human error with copying down hours off of a time card to the payroll.

Paid Vacation Management

Within employee profiles individual employees can request time off using Alpha|Stack's Time Off module. Your HR team can set its own PTO accrual timeline and these hours will automatically appear in the employee's dashboard. Within this dashboard employees can request time off based on sick leave, personal days or other specified reasons, and managers can approve or deny these requests. Gone are the days of verbal agreements that can be forgotten, or emails that can be lost, keep track of your employees PTO with Alpha|Stack.