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Introducing Alpha|Stack

Today we're very excited to launch Alpha|Stack to the public! Alpha|Stack is a cloud platform for managing all aspects of your business - everything from sales and billing to network monitoring and issue resolution. We're constantly improving, but our goal with Alpha|Stack is to dramatically simplify the number of software subscritions you need to run and manage your business.

Why build Alpha|Stack?

We decided to build Alpha|Stack because we believe that existing cloud platforms are generally very narrow in scope requiring you to manage multiple subscriptions in order to provide all the necesary tools for your team to do their jobs. Whether they're limited to only performing customer relationship management or polling your network for alerting and health reporting, or simply not flexible enough to let you do all the things you want, the cloud platforms available today inevitably end up falling short.

What is Alpha|Stack?

So what exactly is Alpha|Stack and how is it a better solution to this problem? At first glance, Alpha|Stack looks a lot like some other sales and billing cloud platforms you might be familiar with. It can ingest data in a number of ways - adding records manually, importing bulk data, and for the network side, run a mesh network of polling apps to collect network statistics. Once you have all of this data in your system, you ultimately need to report and view on all of it and allow your team to update and manage it. Well, Alpha|Stack brings it all together in a single, cohesive cloud platform - allowing you to manage your business easier than ever before.

The end result is a cloud platform that can be your total business solution, rather than just another component in it. We hope to enable the full flexibility and power of a custom built solution with a tiny fraction of the required investment. There have been a few other projects aimed in this direction, but with Alpha|Stack we think we can take the ease of use and breadth of capabilities to another level.

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