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Business Analytics and Sales Reporting

The Alpha|Stack report options give your sales and billing teams the information they need to review and meet their targets.


Alpha|Stack collects all of the information your sales executives need to judge the progress of their sales teams. Alpha|Stack collects and aggregates data from the customer relationship management (CRM) and billing functionalities of the platform and allows you to filter and query the data for generating a wide array of sales reports that help you gain insight into your sales performance.This makes Alpha|Stack’s sales reports easy to understand and gives your sales executives the information they need to manage their team and meet sales goals. Alpha|Stack has several modules that can give you real time reporting of your team’s progress and the sales funnel.

Agent Dashboard

With the Agent Dashboard module, you can look at an individual salesperson in a snapshot from monthly recurring revenue, how many deals they have, their monthly average their win/loss ratio of deals, closed opportunities, average time to close, and more. This allows you to evaluate individual members of your sales team to understand their progress with data.

With the individual team member view, you can see which salespeople need help, and which salespeople are leading the way in your organization. This is extremely important to ensure you are managing your team the right way and recognizing good work from your lead sales team members. This feature will allow you to effectively manage your sales team with real-time data that Alpha|Stack collects for you. This makes evaluating your salespeople much easier for your sales managers.

Sales Dashboard

Alpha|Stack’s Sales Dashboard can show your sales team’s sales production in relationship to the organizational goals that your sales executives set. With various charts made automatically with data from the CRM and billing modules the sales dashboard can give you a snapshot look at your team’s production.

Inside the Sales Dashboard you can set monthly revenue goals and track the progress of your sales team throughout the month to see if these goals are being met. You can see the direct sales production by agent, total opportunities by agent, and an overall look at your sales funnel in one module. This is extremely helpful as a way to measure the health of your sales funnel and can help you identify any gaps in your sales process.

Revenue Statistics

The Revenue Statistics module gives management a detailed snapshot on how your organization’s sales team is progressing in terms of recurring and non-recurring revenue. Through this module you can get charts of your monthly recurring revenue by salesperson, monthly non-recurring revenue by salesperson, and your annual revenue broken down by month. These charts can give you a granular look at how much revenue each salesperson is bringing your organization per month. This is extremely helpful because you don’t get just new sales data, you get how much revenue they are responsible for each month. This gives you a good idea of each salesperson’s value to your organization overtime.

This blog is the second in a series of blogs discussing the different modules you can take advantage of using Alpha|Stack, and how they can bring your business to the next level.


About Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules. Saving your business time and money.

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