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Site Survey: Path Tool

Alpha|Stack’s PathTool aims to provide fixed wireless providers with an easy to use integrated tool to conduct site surveys.

The Problem

Site surveys are important for telecom companies, especially providers of fixed wireless. This is because an accurate site survey is a crucial first step to providing excellent customer service to prospective clients and keeping the trust of partners and resellers. Too many bad site surveys and you can lose business, and the trust of valuable business partners. Alpha|Stack wants to make site surveys as easy as possible for fixed wireless operators. With this in mind Alpha|Stack includes a built-in integrated site survey PathTool.

PathTool Blog Page

The Solution

Alpha|Stack’s PathTool aims to provide fixed wireless providers with an easy to use integrated tool to conduct site surveys. The PathTool populates your Point of Presence (PoP) transmitter locations and specifications from other modules. This includes the height and type transmitter on each PoP. By including the height, the tool can provide a more accurate picture of the line of sight from the PoP to the customer location. This is crucial for fixed wireless operators in order to have accurate information about the serviceability of a customer location.

The PathTool also allows you to change the receiver position and height after entering an address into the tool. This customization allows you to get an even more accurate picture of line of sight of a given customer location. You can also change the tree height in the surrounding area if you know there are trees close by giving you even more customization providing a more accurate survey. In addition to these options, the tool is also populated with data from the sales and operations modules to include addresses of your current customers. This is particularly useful as a guide to what areas you are currently servicing as this will give you a good idea as to whether a site is serviceable or not. Once you’ve generated your path analysis in Alpha|Stack, the results provide a .KML file of the path analysis that you can open using Google Earth to easily check your work.

Steps for Using the Path Tool

  • Select one or more site structures or service vendors
  • Enter the address for the wireless service destination
  • Review the returned service structures, and click on the marker
  • Edit the height or placement of the receiver, and make any final adjustments as necessary
  • Generate the Path Analysis
  • Analyze the results!


This blog is the first in a series of blogs discussing the different modules you can take advantage of using Alpha|Stack, and how they can bring your business to the next level.


About Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform optimized to suit the specific needs of a WISP. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules. Saving your business time and money.

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