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How to Achieve Startup Scalability

Across the world startup businesses are being formed and startup businesses are failing. How do you ensure your startup becomes a viable business model instead of a great idea that couldn’t sustain itself? The answer is organized business processes with scalability.

Implementing Scalable Business Processes

Many startups with good ideas never make it to a sustainable business model. Often this occurs from a lack of organization that leads to scaling issues in the business. Scalability is when a business can sustain consistent growth over time. To go from a good idea to a sustainable business you need scalability. To be scalable you need a strong well organized business plan and processes on top of your good idea that allow you to reach target markets effectively and service their needs properly.

With many organizations the processes are disjointed and siloed into different programs for sales, operations, billing, and more. This results in a lot of different subscriptions to software with bills that add up for software that doesn’t integrate. This lack of integration can be a large detriment to your business. It leaves room for human error in data transfer that can result in poor customer service resulting in lost revenue.

Alpha|Stack allows businesses to organize all aspects of their business in one platform that organizes your data automatically improving business processes. Our platform does this by integrating data across modules automatically. This effectively eliminates data silos making it easier to scale. This factor can separate your startup from the pack to go from start-up to a sustainable business model.

Achieve Full Life-Cycle Management

Inside Alpha|Stack your team can take your customers from prospect to billing and everything in between all-in-one tool. This gives your organization full lifecycle management of your clients from one use to use integrated platform.

To build your business you need a standardized organization around prospecting your potential customer base. Your sales team member/s need a way to stay organized and as business grows having a stack of business cards and a spreadsheet won’t suffice. Alpha|Stack keeps you organized with full lifecycle management of your customer base, keeping everything organized and more efficient

As your business grows, tracking inventory and your employee scheduling becomes more complicated. There comes a point where tracking your inventory in a spreadsheet, which is subject to a large amount of human error, won’t be feasible. You need to automate. Within Alpha|Stack, you can track your employees’ schedules, any equipment in the field or in storage with the ability to mark tools based on customer, location, etc. This keeps everything organized in one easy to use platform. Schedule employees, work orders, provisioning all in one place instead of spending lots of money on different disjointed tools or error prone spreadsheets.

For any business getting paid is obviously crucial. Startups especially need an easy way to bill customers and get paid. Set up your billing infrastructure the Alpha|Stack way. Within Alpha|Stack your billing is all connected to your ops and sales with immediately migrated data across modules. This makes keeping track of invoices and which customers’ needs to be billed at what time a lot easier. This is because all the data on your customers is already integrated automatically without having to reenter the information.

Customer payments can be done through our customer portal where your customers can pay their bill, see their usage, and access other relevant information about their account all in one place. This can automate a lot of your processes giving your team the space to do their work. We also offer the flexibility to do snail mail billing with email updates if you have a customer base that prefers that method.

When you are scaling your business offering benefits like PTO it becomes more important for employee retention. Having a good HR tool integrated with the rest of your business can help to keep track of your growing base of employees and their benefits. Startups can’t stay startups forever you need an HR infrastructure that will support the growth you need to sustain a viable business. In Alpha|Stack you can manage your people and their schedules all though one platform that is interconnected with other modules.


About Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack is a revolutionary business management platform. With Alpha|Stack’s integrated CRM, site survey path tool, network management and operation software, Alpha|Stack is optimized to enable seamless data migration between modules. Saving your business time and money.

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