Sales CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Alpha|Stack Sales Capabilities

Alpha|Stack provides intuitive tools for salespeople to prospect, track sales, and close deals. By sharing this data internally with business operations and billing modules, Alpha|Stack seamlessly eliminates needless data silos within your business creating smoother, more efficient business processes.

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Customer Tracking

In Alpha|Stack, salespeople can create customers and easily track deals as they work them down the sales funnel. The integrated nature of Alpha|Stack allows a sales team to set follow up reminders, track multiple customer contracts at a given location and check the progress of the deal at every step. This allows for a seamless process from opportunity to deal closed.

Alpha|Stack doesn't stop tracking when the deal closes. The sales CRM tool gives sales insight into when a customer is up for renewal, and even shares data with Operations, and Billing as well to eliminate business silos between departments.

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What our CRM can do for you

Sales CRM Features

Key Performance Metrics

Give your executives important sales insights by tracking your key performance metrics automatically

Track Prospects

Track prospects as you work them through the sales funnel all the way from lead to signed customer

Create Contracts

Create your contracts within our platform to avoid human error in transferring customer information to a new contract platform

Alpha|Stack CRM Workflow

With a free demo account of Alpha|Stack's sales CRM you can manage your whole business through one platform.

  • Create Leads
  • Track Prospects
  • Create Contacts
  • Manage Inventory
  • Bill Clients
  • Track Key Performance Metrics

Sales Reporting Modules

Sales reports are crucial to managing your sales team effectively. Receiving accurate and easy to understand data instantly can give you a leg up on your competition, and help you to understand the progress of your sales team.

Alpha|Stack collects data from the CRM and billing modules and creates unique sales reports for your organization. Alpha|Stack’s sales reports are easy to understand and give sales executives the information they need to manage their team and meet sales goals.