Network Monitoring System

Manage The Health of Your Network With Alpha|Stack

Alpha|Stack works with your team to connect your Point of Presence devices, customer premise equipment and any other relevant devices you want to monitor. Once the devices are all connected, the Network Monitoring System shows the down status and health of any connected devices on your network. These data are organized by market all the way down to the device level ensuring a seamless user experience and a comprehensive understanding of your network.

Distributed Polling

The Alpha|Stack network monitoring tool pings the device every 5 seconds and is aggregated every 5 minutes. This system gives you real time data to fix any issues before your customers even know something is wrong. Get real-time data on the health of your network so you can solve issues immediately.

Note to Node Monitoring

Alpha|Stack NMS gives you a view into the health and up status of each individual node connected. These data can help your team identify any issues in your network nearly immediately.

Point of Presence (PoP) Management

Alpha|Stack's NMS helps your operations team map out your current PoPs to understand what gaps you have in your network. You can see an in depth look into the health of your PoPs helping you to plan out new PoPs or backhaul capacity necessary for your network.

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